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August 25-August 28, September 1-September 5,
September 8-September 11

Open Class Livestock






All Department Livestock Exhibitors must be aware of and abide by:

•  The General Rules of the Livestock Department                     
 The IAFE National Code of Show Ring Ethics                          
•  2022 Animal Health Information
•  2022 RFID Regulations

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2022 Information
2022 INTERNET ENTRY SYSTEM - Online Entry System is now closed.
**This year the Open Class Home Arts, Farm & Garden & Livestock will utilize the same system.
This means one username, password and user fee for all Open Class.** 


Department A - Dairy
2022 Dairy Premium Book
     2022 Open Ayrshire Results
     2022 Open Brown Swiss Results
     2022 Open Guernsey Results
     2022 Open Holstein Results
     2022 Open Jersey Results
     2022 Open Milking Shorthorn Results
     2022 Open Red & White Results
     2022 Futurity Results

Department B - Beef
2022 Beef Premium Book
2022 Longhorn Premium Book    

Department C - Sheep 
2022 Sheep Premium Book
     2022 Wool Sheep Stalling
     2022 Meat Sheep Stalling
     2022 White Border Leicester Results
     2022 White Lincoln Results
     2022 All Other Wool Results
     2022 Natural Color Results

Department D - Swine
2022 Swine Premium Book
2022 Team Purebred Premium Book   
      2022 Swine Stalling - Wk 1
      2022 Swine Stalling - Wk 2

Department E - Dairy Goats
2022 Dairy Goat Premium Book

Department G - Boer Goats
2022 ABGA Premium Book
2022 JABGA Premium Book

Heat and Safety Preparedness

2022 Schedules
2022 Open Class & 4H/FFA Exhibitor Schedule of Events!
2022 4H/FFA Exhibitor Schedule of Events!
2022 MSF Full Schedule of Events!
2022 MSF Program!